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Bells-And-Whistles Ads Spice Up Magazines

  • Mediaweek, Wednesday, December 21, 2005 11 AM
Magazine sales executives, described in this piece as a supremely jaded group, have been wowed by the kinds of ad pieces made possible by Americhip, a California company that produces the underlying technology in all those multimedia ads so popular these days. Americhip is the largest of the companies producing the latest generation of bells-and-whistle ads. Among the more memorable pieces, according to this Mediaweek story: An Aquafina advertisement in which bubble wrap was used to simulate the sound of carbonation. That one ran in in People magazine. Another winner: An ad for The WB's drama "Supernatural" that featured a clip from a Dave Matthews song while car headlights flashed. The ad ran in both Rolling Stone and Us Weekly. "When a marketing piece can interact with more than just the visual sensor of the consumer, it resonates much more strongly through audio, motion, and lights," says Americhip President Kevin Clegg.



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