'Fortune' Debuts Second NFT, A Cover by Artist Itzel Yard

Fortune has unveiled its second NFT drop, allowing collectors to bid on a magazine cover by the generative artist and creative coder Itzel Yard, also known as Ix Shells.

The NFT, titled "Fortune: Crypto Climbs Back From The Worst Year Ever," was scheduled for bidding on Sunday at 1 p.m. EDT. 

The sale was to take place on Foundation, a platform featuring no-code tools for the web3 creator community.

"The algorithm I used to make the artwork is something that expands pixels and can convert a small black square into a more extensive geometric shape," Yard states. "For me it looks like when I'm walking in the middle of a city and I look up and see all the buildings."

In addition, the NFT will contain an animated version of the cover. It will be distributed as a limited edition for the April/May 2023 U.S. of the magazine and will be the sole cover of the Europe and Asia editions.

These will be available on newsstands on April 25.



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