Hearst Settles Lawsuit Over Compensation For Independent Contractors

Hearst is settling a class action lawsuit filed by independent contractors who charged that the company exploited them. 

U.S. Judge Vince Chhabria gave final approval to a roughly $1 million settlement on Thursday, according to Courthouse News Service.

The sum approved by Chhabria last December was $950,000.  Hearst will also make $15,000 service payments for plaintiffs Pablo Sanchez and Violet Alvarez, and pay attorneys’ fees of up to 35% of the settlement along with $40,000 in litigation costs, the report continues. 

The settlement does seem to be not an overwhelming one, but the judge ruled that the attorneys deserved 35% instead of the 25% agreed upon based on “the significant recovery achieved for class members,” Courthouse News Service continues.  

According to the report, the plaintiffs charged they had to drive, maintain their own vehicles, use their own cellphones and work shifts without law meal and rest breaks, without compensation. 

Hearst had not commented at deadline. 



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