Streaming Preferences: QSR Customers Like Dance, Holiday, Soap Opera Content

A new 2023 Audience Trends Report for QSR Consumers by CTV ad platform Sabio reveals some new insights into the lifestyle, purchase and viewing habits of fast-food customers.

The report found that QSR customers are more than twice as likely to use XUMO, Pluto TV, Crackle and Disney+ streaming platforms as compared to the general market. QSR consumers are also inclined to view streaming platforms that offer free, ad-supported tiers. 

By using QSR consumers’ mobile app ecosystems, the report also discovered that QSR customers stream dance, holiday and soap opera content twice as much as the general consumer, Jessica Gailys, vice president of marketing for Sabio, told QSR Insider.

“As these genres are rooted in emotion, QSR consumers may resonate with ads that feature similar themes,” Gailys said.

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok are the most popular social media apps downloaded by QSR consumers. The same consumers are also over three times as likely to have apps in the card games, board games and trivia app categories, compared to the general market. They are also more inclined to download social media apps with video content as a key feature. 

“As these app categories are fun and stimulating, ad formats that feature similar themes, using interactive mobile ad units such as gamified ads, may prove beneficial (to brands),” added Gailys.

According to the study, more QSR consumers actually prefer to have their fast food delivered than eating in-store. They are at least 20% less likely to visit Chick-Fil-A and McDonald’s compared to the general market.

As far as QSR apps, consumers are at least 3.76 times as likely to have the Little Caesars and Whataburger apps as the general market.

While loyalty programs and discounts likely drive app downloads, these apps also all offer in-app delivery, which may contribute to decreased in-store foot-traffic.

Interestingly, Gailys said this group is more likely to download less-mainstream QSR apps, as compared to QSR brands that are more frequently visited by general market audiences. The disparity may be a result of the increased popularity and usage of food delivery options.

So apps for less-mainstream brands are “a unique opportunity to reach audiences,” said Gailys.  

For the report, Sabio used its first-person data as well as App Science to gather and analyze mobile and CTV device data signals, enhancing them with third-party consumer data.

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