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The Deal Is Done: Disney Acquires Pixar--And Jobs

As expected, the Walt Disney Company board yesterday agreed to purchase Pixar Animation Studios, and in the process obtained the services of Steve Jobs, who some have likened in his stature to Walt Disney himself. The price of the deal is steep, $7.4 billion. And, as TheWall Street Journal points out this morning, it comes with risks for Disney, which is in the midst of a winning streak. But the upside proved to be irresistible for the Disney board: the company now controls the most consistently successful animation hitmaker in the industry. And, after a period of less than amicable relations with Jobs (owing, most believe, to a disconnect between former Disney CEO Eisner and Steve Jobs), one of America's high-tech icons is now in the Disney camp--and on its board. John Lassiter, the creative genius at Pixar, told the Journal, "They're going to have to install seat belts in that board room because when Steve gets in there, he'll be a ball of fire."



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