Colleen Brady Is Leaving Her Post As Publisher Of 'Arizona Daily Sun'

Colleen Brady is stepping down as publisher of the Arizona Daily Sun after five years in the slot. 

Brady is joining the Arizona Media Association's foundation to help create opportunities for local journalism in the state, according to a report in the Sun.  

The Sun says it will soon announcthe next publisher.

This happens as Wick, a local company, completes its takeover of the Sun. But Brady asserts that “my leaving has nothing to do with Wick Communications taking over."

Rather, “I spent the last three months commuting between Flagstaff and Chandler because my family's there, my mother, my son ... so I wanted to be closer to them,” she says. 

Brady became publisher after serving a brief period as interim general manager.

"I'm proud that during this time, we've gone through a lot of changes, from how we deliver the newspaper to how people are reading it, consuming it -- in a town where you've got a highly educated audience, you always see a quicker changeover from print to digital," she says. 



Brady adds, "We have very strong numbers here for digital subscribers, and that's where people have shown they want to consume our information.

Wick is a “family-owned company in Arizona, out of Sierra Vista,” “Brady continues. “They own a lot of papers that are our size or smaller, and what is really great is they're still letting each paper drive that connection with the community as well as what kind of content that community wants from the newspaper, whether it's advertising or news stories.”

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