Dale R. Anglin To Serve As Director Of Press Forward

Dale R. Anglin has been named as the inaugural director of Press Forward, a coalition of funders committed to investing more than $500 million to strengthen communities, democracy and local news. 

Anglin now serves as vice president for proactive grant-making at the Cleveland Foundation. In Cleveland, Anglin helped create a Cleveland Black Futures Fund.

In addition, Anglin has led racial equity initiatives at Press Forward. One of the group’s four funding priorities is to close long-standing gaps in journalism coverage. 

“We are at a critical juncture in our democracy, with clear evidence that the lack of information is harmful to our country and is leading to a more divided America,” says Anglin.  

He adds, “Through Press Forward, we see this moment as an opportunity for reinvention, the time to accelerate investment in promising models and innovative leaders so that we can ensure that news and information are accessible to more Americans.” 





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