Streaming News Service Offers Program For Monetizing Content

Gnomi App, a global news streaming service, has unveiled a program that it says will allow writers, thought leaders and publishers to monetize their content. 

"The media industry is facing an unprecedented crisis, with sweeping layoffs leaving talented journalists in a state of uncertainty, but Gnomi believes that great writing and the voices of talented writers should not be held back by the limitations of traditional publishing," says Eva Cicinyte, CEO and founder of Gnomi App.

The new program will allow content producers to get paid per article while building their brand. They can also personalize content with images and videos. 

Gnomi is accepting applications from writers and thought leaders who have achieved a digital community and seek to expand sharing of their original content. 

Writers can contribute in such categories as health, politics, entertainment, sports, business, lifestyle, and science that adhere to basic community guidelines. 




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