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The Best Place To Watch TV Programs Is Still On TV

  • Ad Age, Friday, February 24, 2006 11:30 AM
For everyone who has been touting the enormous, undeniably tempting benefits of the emerging on-demand, as-you-like-it technologies, the results of a new survey may prove somewhat unnerving. There's lot to be said for DVRs, video iPods, and iTunes, but when it comes to TV shows and movies, it turns out that most people would prefer to experience them in a very old-fashioned way--on TV sets."In this PC and iPod generation, consumers still want to watch TV shows and movies on a TV, whether the programs are broadcast or downloaded," said Stewart Wolpin, senior consulting analyst for Points North Group, which conducted the survey. "And that's the one piece of hardware where Web-based video is not yet available." On the other hand, TV remains a lousy medium for Internet content. It's possible to view Web content on a TV set, but the resolution is generally awful. So why bother? Technology will eventually change that situation, however. Good new for TV manufacturers: when it comes down to it, according to the Points North survey, there are very few programs that are more appealing on, say, an iPod than on a full-size TV screen.



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