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CBS Praying For 'Opie And Anthony'

The comeback is nearly complete for "Opie and Anthony," reports the Associated Press. Fired by CBS Radio four years ago after the "sex in St. Patrick's Cathedral" stunt, the shock jocks are now doing shows on both satellite and terrestrial radio, the latter for CBS. "Oddly enough, our goal a few years ago was just to get work," said Anthony Cumia, half of the team. "We wanted to get a job." From 6 a.m. to 9 a.m., they host a syndicated radio program for CBS, and then move to XM Satellite Radio for two hours. They are probably the first broadcasters to make the shift back from satellite--and, the AP notes, "it allowed them to take over some of the stations where their nemesis, Howard Stern, ruled the ratings before his jump to Sirius Satellite Radio." For Gregg "Opie" Hughes, "it's the best of both worlds. We wanted to do this 18 months ago, when we heard Howard was leaving, but unfortunately CBS was still a little too scared of us. They had to fail miserably to see things our way." While CBS is nowhere near making up for the ratings that disappeared with Stern's departure, "Opie and Anthony" seem able at least to pull them off the bottom: In New York, Philadelphia, and Boston, the number of listeners ages 18 to 34 basically tripled once they took over, albeit from a base near zero.



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