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OK, Patriots, Let's See Your Tax Returns, Too

Right-wing opinion magazine National Review says that regular media--specifically one big newspaper--"are undermining our ability to win the War on Terror" with the latest alleged blow coming from the exposure of a secret government program to track private financial transactions. The government "must demand that The New York Times pay a price for its costly, arrogant defiance," the publication says. The newspaper should at least lose its White House press credentials "because this privilege has been so egregiously abused, and an aggressive investigation should be undertaken to identify and prosecute, at a minimum, the government officials who have leaked national-defense information." The journal of supposed conservative opinion goes on to claim that financial records maintained by banks "are not private, and thus not protected by the Fourth Amendment." And media that report such information "must be made to understand that the government will no longer regard them as immune from questioning when it investigates the leakers. They should be compelled to reveal their sources, on pain of contempt."




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