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New Orleans Media Market Still Suffering

A year after Hurricane Katrina devastated the city, New Orleans has only about half of its pre-flood population and the media market has slipped significantly, reports Mediaweek, citing research from Zehnder Communications. Using its own data and ratings, the Big Easy-based ad agency says that its home town has fallen from the 46th-largest radio market to 58th, while the Times-Picayune newspaper has lost about 30 percent of its circulation. But despite the hardship, New Orleans ad agencies have adapted to the new environment, says Joann Habisreitinger, media director at Zehnder: "Our region has not only survived, it's thrived in relation to the local advertising industry. Within all agency departments, we have had to closely analyze how to reach consumers, as many of them live in one media market while working in another."



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