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Stars Come Out For Anti-Poverty Ad

In a new ad packed with star power,, an anti-poverty organization, is airing a public service announcement that features George Clooney, Don Cheadle, Alfre Woodard, Julia Roberts, Toby Keith and others. The spot urges viewers to vote to fight global AIDS and Third World poverty.

Narrated by Matt Damon, the camera pans down a line of celebrities and regular Americans waiting against a spare white wall to vote. It treats everyone in the shot the same and lingers on no one. No celebrity is identified.

"Saving lives in the world's poorest countries. Winning the fight against global AIDS and extreme poverty," Damon says. "There aren't two sides to these issues. There is only one. Please vote." To make its nonpartisan point, the ad features former Clinton spokesman Mike McCurry chatting with former Bush financial strategist Jack Oliver.

Both the Republican National Committee and the Democratic national Committee featured the ad on their Web sites this week. It will appear through Election Day on MTV Network channels, as well as Comedy Central and News Corp.'s broadcast and cable channels.



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