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Political Ads Get Nasty In Ohio

It has been a brutal campaign season in Ohio and the mudslinging isn't over yet. With barely more than a week left before Election Day, voters in the Buckeye State can expect things to get even dirtier. "There's still a lot of money and TV to come out," says Herb Asher, a political science professor at Ohio State University.

Political ads have been inundating the airwaves since August, and as the election gets closer, they only get meaner. "The ads started earlier, and the sheer number and frequency of them makes this the most negative year I've seen in a long time," Asher says. But pointing out an opponent's flaws is Campaigning 101. "Part of politics and political campaigning is drawing sharp contrasts between the candidates," says Robert Dempsey, campaign director for the Ohio Senate Democratic Campaign Committee.



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