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Newspaper Go After American Mom Demo

While newspapers have long tried to court the 18-24 non-reader, using things like toss-away tabloids packed with celebrities, their attempts have generally foundered. But there's a new trend afoot at newspapers across America, a new focus of publishers' attention: going after a group of readers they already, have but doing a better job of it: American moms. They make most of the buying decisions in their households and the bulk of everyday purchases that are key to retailers.

For instance, the Examiner chain, with free dailies in San Francisco, Baltimore and Washington, has made a point of targeting young mothers, even to the extent of offering home delivery in some neighborhoods. The trend goes back a few years when the Charleston, S.C., Post and Courier began shifting its focus to mothers and families. "It's so funny that all these newspapers are just starting to realize the value and power of families with kids," said Craig Rogers, director of marketing for the SC newspapers.



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