My Secret Addiction....

This year I find myself going through withdrawal pains . . . for I am without a DVR!!!

I have had a DVR in my life for the past three years, be it through satellite or digital cable and I expected this year to be just like the others. However I was shocked and appalled when it was brought to my attention by the man who installed my satellite (after I had already paid for it no less), that the apartment complex in which I now live is not DVR capable! When he spoke those words, my world came crashing down.

I am addicted to the television and, as such, I choose to schedule my classes and work schedule around my favorite TV shows whenever possible. But if there ever was a conflict, it was never really a big deal because I always had my DVR for a backup plan.

With this being my last year of undergrad, there are a lot of classes that I need for graduation that are only offered at a certain time. I had the misfortune of being trapped in two night classes last semester – one of them actually ran over into the beginning of one of my favorite shows. I found myself leaving my class early several times to get home in enough time to make sure I could catch the very beginning of the program! I'm even to the point where I don't like to answer the phone during my shows because I know that as soon as I do I will become trapped in a long conversation that will distract me from my shows, and then I will have to wait for weeks for the network to show the re-runs and hope to God that I'm there to try again.



I know I'm pathetic but hey, TV has been a comfort since my lonely childhood (I suffer from only-child syndrome).

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