Trim Spa Baby! Riiiight...

  • by , February 12, 2007

So my new year’s resolution is to be healthier. Now if you knew my workout habits and eating habits last year this is not very hard goal. But I am really working my butt off, going to the gym 4-5 times a week and eating healthy food. When I am at the gym and doing my THANG, I often pick up a magazine and read when on the stair stepper (I can do about 200 flights…hot, I know).

Anyway, I sit there with the rest of the 30 something women and read about celebrities - guilty pleasure (note…not the only one ;) ). The point is, I love reading and working out at the same time, or watching CNN on the TV while sweating and checking out the local hot men. Some of them lose points when they grunt and appear to be a second away from exploding when they lift weights.

Although I don’t often condone multitasking I think when you are bored and trying to accomplish a goal, mine being looking like Ricky martin (HA! –Joke), it is fun (and easier) to distract yourself from the pain. So . . . why not learn about life and what’s going on around you. So I am going tonight and have already picked up on tidbits of breaking stories like the Dixie Chicks winning shit loads (love it) and Obama constantly being accused of not being black enough. Oh America, it seems whenever someone is successful and Black/Asian/Hispanic(ha)/Alien you just want to paint your Caucasian paint all over them.

Maybe tomorrow I will have more on this topic, and maybe if I am good tonight I will be a little sore. :)


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