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Cramer-Krasselt Dumps CareerBuilder

  • Ad Age, Monday, February 26, 2007 11:15 AM
Cramer-Krasselt abruptly resigned as CareerBuilder's agency of record following a five-year run that brought the online jobs site past rival Monster in listings and traffic.

Agency president Peter Krivkovich says CareerBuilder put its account into review after the agency's Super Bowl ads failed to rank in the top 10 in USA Today's viewer poll. "To our amazement, to our total astonishment, all that astounding business success was less important than one poll," reads part of a memo from Krivkovich to his staff. "We have to tell you -- in our entire history, hell in the history of this crazy thing called advertising, I'm not sure there has ever been any thing as baseless or as unbelievable as that."

A CareerBuilder spokeswoman confirms the account is in review, but declines further comment. The company this year scrapped its "Office Monkeys" campaign, which focused on "working with a bunch of monkeys," for a new effort, set in a jungle, that attempted to highlight things people don't like about their jobs.



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