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New Marketing Approach For Killian's

Killian's Irish Red has rolled out a new marketing campaign that features television, billboards and on- and off-premise promotions, a shift in the Molson Coors-owned brand's marketing strategy. The effort, tagged "Never Rushed," pushes the idea that crafting the beer takes time, so consumers should take their time to enjoy it.

The TV spot, a 30-second ad created by Taxi Inc., will start airing nationwide next month and shows a "wired" man heading into a bar and breaking out of his corporate self by shedding his jacket, briefcase, PDA and Bluetooth headset. The bartender pours a Killian's, but won't hand it over until the guy gives up his watch.

"It's a trend in America, and certainly a trend we see with our consumers -- 30s, professional males -- people everywhere are connected to their jobs 24 hours a day, seven days a week," says Jeff Billingsley, Killian's Irish Red brand manager. "We consider our beer to be for those times when men want to slow down and break out from their ordinary routine to try something different and special."



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