Vista… Well, I don’t quite know where to begin really. It’s bad. I had hopes but I was let down. Fitting that the follow-up to the Mac Attack be about Windows Vista.

I realize that it was just released and is going to have bugs. Big bugs, like the ones you see on the discovery channel.

I have spent days trying to get backwards compatibility to work my software properly, I’m still not there. I am not a computer programmer, my father is, I have spent more time on the phone with him trying just trying to be able to do the simplest of tasks. My favorite is when I get blue screened when I am running Windows Browser and it randomly takes five minutes to move up once in the file directory.

We can start with the interface. Not everyone in the world, and I hope someone at Microsoft is listening, needs to have there desktop and interface replicate a Mac. Most of us, Mac users included, want it to work. More than anything in the world, we want it to work. I don’t need Google Gadgets or frosted menu bars, I need to be able to run Abobe Create Suite. If I waste 900 MB of my ram on my operating system, the 2 GB ram upgrade I paid for really isn’t do much for me, it’s allowing me to run at normal capacity.



Another fun and exciting thing Microsoft did was rename important functions and folders such as ‘Add Remove Programs’ to ‘Programs and Features’ or ‘AppData’ to ‘ProgramData’. It’s actually kinda funny, as if the naming convention for this stuff was the problem, the location and accessibility remains unchanged or has become more complex (as in wireless networks) because we like to make every trip to the vista an adventure you won’t soon forget.

If you are thinking about getting Vista let me give you some advice. First, don’t. Second, if you are thinking about it still, watch all the Apple commercials that came out with Vista (less the one where he tapes a camera onto his head, laptops have had that feature for more than a few weeks, the one on my computer can swivel around, oooooo). ALL the pain that is captured in those commercials will be your pain if you get Vista. And no one will feel sorry for you.

Unfortunately, I actually need to be able to do my work. So, I am turning my brand new Dell into a dual boot because XP works well and runs the software I need to run. I hope that these shmucks at Microsoft fix this damn thing and fix it fast.

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  1. Sally Nobrega, March 12, 2007 at 6:49 p.m.

    I agree. My favorite Mac parody of the Vista experience is the "Allow or Deny" spot. My personal laptop I use for grad school died the night before Vista's street date. Try as I might, I couldn't find an XP machine to purchase and ended up getting Vista the next day. It took more than half an hour to disable all the Vista "security features" so I could install Firefox as my preferred Web browser.

    Once I took care of that issue I was golden. The new laptop had far more RAM and better graphics than my previous machine. I booted World of Warcraft (my stress-relief addiction) and it was like seeing a whole new game. Graphics rendered in places I didn't know existed.

    Since this machine is used for school, I dutifully composed a paper using Office 2003. No compatibility issues there. I finished writing the paper 30 minutes before I needed to leave for class. Everything was great.

    Now, to take the laptop into the living room, attach the USB printer cable and print my latest masterpiece for my professor. That's when all hell broke loose. All the drivers for my HP printer were incompatible with Vista. I couldn't find anything in the Microsoft knowledgebase so I went to the HP site. After precious minutes of searching I found that the drivers are incompatible and HP was "working with Microsoft to certify drivers for use with Windows Vista."

    ETA for the drivers: January 2007 - July 2007

    I haven't checked back to see if drivers are available yet, but on a grad student's budget, I can't buy new peripherals every time Microsoft "improves" its operating system.

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