Are you going to step-up?

I pose a simple question to those people out there who are so interested in what it is we have to think about media-related topics: What are you (or your respective organizations) doing to increase public media literacy?

I know that most corporations don't feel responsible for educating the public on matters that aren't entertainment related, however that is often what they end up doing on a daily basis, whether they like it or not.

Increasing numbers of today's youth learn all about sex from current teen soap operas on the air, or from the growing abundance of reality shows where the stars get tangled up in these incestuous little relationships. Rarely, if ever, are young people given the facts and the truth about sex; they rarely see learn about what really goes on. It's a bit hard to believe, in country that claims to be about "family values," that the television could be the number one provider of information to adolescents on all things mysterious about adult life, but it's true.

So my question to the media conglomerates out there is: What are you going to do to step-up the level of education that you're providing to America's youth? Or do you not feel responsible for the growing rate of unwanted pregnancies in this country? You may not feel responsible for this, but as I pointed out, you are the main source of education on many sex-related topics for the youth of America, so it kinda falls on your shoulders. What are you going to do?



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