Where you at? I know where YOU at! Scary... :(

Has anyone else seen the Boost Mobile phone commercials with the phones that show you exactly where people are when you are talking to them? UMMM, this is very scary to me...I mean you can now track people and see exactly where they are. Last semester it was the crazy Facebook minifeed, but now people seem to enjoy the idea of it. This semester the new wave of stalking appears to be on our cell phones.

Damn it! Now how am I supposed to cheat on my Boyfriend! ;)

Disclaimer***Jason does not condone cheating in anyway...unless it’s with someone hotter (Joke!).


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  1. Russ Parsley, March 19, 2007 at 9:21 p.m.

    Jason ... sounds 'norm' to me. Imagine if everyone that called your home phone knew where you were when they called you! wait! They already do ... unless you've gone to great legths to keep your permanent address off of public record like some people I know.

    Here's an idea ... shut your phone off unless you want to check your voice mails for who called while you were safely hidden from the world. Next, write down all those names and numbers and proceed to your home phone ... no ... wait ... they know where you are if you call from there. ok, i got it ... go to a gas station clear across town ... with a bank roll of quarters to return all of those missed calls.

    My best guess is that unless you are secretly with MI6, Mission Impossible, CIA, OSI, OSH KOSH BYGOSH ... then you truly have very, very, very ... (did i say very?) little to really worry about.

  2. tim FALL, March 27, 2007 at 12:03 a.m.

    Your post is not unusual when people start to consider what it means to be locatable at all times. I run a website called Yurth ( and we're all about putting yourself on the map, literally. The point of the internet, or so we've heard since Al Gore invented it, is anonymity -- we can be whoever we choose to be. But that gets old pretty fast, as soon as we want actually use the internet to buy something or meet up with someone... I guess I have come to the realization that we all really ARE somewhere (better be, anyway) and most of us even seem to CARE where we're from. So I'm embracing it, whether its GPS on my phone or geotagging my videos. (NB if it turns into videos of you cheating on your boyfriend, I can't help you there.)

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