Is geek now chic?

I will admit that I am somewhat of a self-proclaimed geek. I enjoy reading gadget blogs, drooling over the latest products from Apple, spending hours coding websites using a plain text editor, and sharing in the ever so popular Mac vs. PC debate. I dress as fashionably as my budget will allow and keep myself well groomed. According to Ricky Montalvo, I may be a technosexual. What is a technosexual you may ask? Montalvo, the man who coined the term, says a technosexual is a term for people who are into lifestyle, fashion, home, grooming. But we take (it) one step further and we use gadgets as our new fashion accessory. In essence, a technosexual is a metrosexual who uses gadgets as an accessory to enhance his style. Here's another thing to think about. Apparently this "buzz word" hit American culture all way back in 2004. The news report that helped publicize the term aired just over three years ago. But I don't recall ever hearing about this phenomenon. For as long as I have been reading Engadget, Gizmondo, and other gadget (read "geek") blogs, I am surprised that I don't remember ever crossing this word. Now here's a twist. Calvin Klein has recently trademarked the term "technosexual" and created a new fragrance called CK in2u. This fragrance is being marketed towards those in their twenty-somethings who actively use text messages, instant messenger, and social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook. This fragrance is targeted for those who are "turned on" by blogging. Here's my question, why would anyone want to douse themselves in some high-dollar scent before sitting in front of a computer screen to chat with friends on instant messenger? I won't be buying CK in2u anytime soon. I would rather meet with people in person, forget all the high-tech gadgets, and enjoy the time spent with them playing a board game or socializing. By my own self-analysis I don't fall under the technosexual label. I am better described as a traditional geek who is content to participate in a debate over which OS is better. And while I'm at it, I wouldn't mind watching some of those witty "I'm a Mac. I'm a PC." ads and counting down the days until the release of the iPhone.

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