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  • by , March 31, 2007

I’ll be the first to admit that my blog posts are often…less than positive. I have been blessed with the cynical gift – that is, the ability to find something to complain about in nearly any situation. Well, time now for a change of pace. I’ve actually found something I like. A lot.

In one of my classes, I was introduced to Fon ( This is a Spanish company with a pretty cool idea. They allow you to register your wireless router with their service, then share your connection with anyone else who is registered. The end result is that you could, theoretically, get free broadband anywhere in the world. They’ll even throw in a router for a reasonable $40. The idea hasn’t caught on in Indiana yet – though I was pleased to see at least one registered user at BSU – but is taking off in more urban areas, like Frisco.

While contemplating this service, it occurred to me that it would not be much a stretch to imagine wireless VOIP threatening the cell networks. Skype and similar software could finally get the window they need in the American mainstream market. Perhaps a cheap, WiFi-only phone – or a hybrid – could be used in urban areas. It’s definitely a possibility.



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  1. Josh, April 3, 2007 at 5:10 p.m.

    Cool idea but if your cable company finds out -- ugh oh, you're in trouble. That long agreement you sign when you join up for cable stipulates that you not share the connection. It's not particularly enforced, but it is something that prevents a service like that from really taking off.

    As for cell companies, think about it this way instead. For $50 a month you can pay for high speed cable through a coaxial connection, or with 3G networks, you can sign up for a $50 high speed data plan with a cell provider and get that (nearly) same speed connection (nearly) anywhere, regardless of a wifi hotspot or not.

    Now also consider the infrastructural cost of upgrading the wiring in your entire building/neighborhood/city versus upgrading a cell tower.

    All voice communications will be going over a VoIP-like data connection along with video and web content to mobile devices AND desktops over wireless cell lines within the next few years I think.

  2. Thomas Rigler from Broadband Jungle Blog,, April 9, 2007 at 5:56 p.m.


    here's another a pretty cooI idea: GoGOOROO, a new web service that’s also setting out to bring diversity, here in the field of Internet television:

    The idea is simple: To cut through the broadband jungle and share the immense wealth of entertaining, inspiring and informative video programming available over the Internet today.

    So far, there was only one thing missing: A capable tool that would bring order to the infinite universe of channels and videos out there, a system to help actually find stuff.

    GoGOOROO is a guide, an index and a community all wrapped into one destination. Unlike traditional program guides, however, we, the user, are in the driver's seat here: Similar to the free Internet Encyclopedia Wikipedia, GoGOOROO is a user-generated online guide and every visitor can submit, review and rate channels and videos alongside the GoGOOROO team.

    Here’s a recent post I wrote for the new media blog Broadband Jungle Blog.

    Would love to hear your thoughts on GoGOOROO and will gladly answer any questions you might have!

    All the best,
    Thomas Rigler
    Film | Television | New Media
    Content & Strategy

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