A 'poke' of sorts

Advertisers and marketers -

Have you found a way to integrate your product or service as an application/feature in Facebook?

You are fools if you haven't.

As mentioned at Outfront, this type of marketing pattern flows seamlessly with the audience using Facebook. If your Facebook gadget serves a Facebook profile need or want, your name will gladly be plastered on a user's profile in conjunction with said feature.

Look at's Political Compass. Since release, the application is now tacked 137,309 profiles. OK - it's not a gigantic amount relative to Facebook's total population, but for free advertising it's impressive.

UPDATE: In the nearly 10 minutes since I wrote the above paragraph, the compass usage statistic has jumped to 137,687 total users.

What are the other most popular apps as of Wednesday evening?

    1. iLike, with almost 846,000 users

    2. Horoscopes, with almost 519,000

    3. Compass

    4. Games, with almost 184,000 users

    5. Facebook video (usage number was not displayed)



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