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USPS Rolls Out Infomercials

The U.S. Postal Service has rolled out an infomercial highlighting its history of innovation. Featuring everything from the Pony Express to modern business success stories, the 28-minute video will run this summer on 20 channels, including CNBC, ABC Family and Discovery.

Each story will showcase a service available at the USPS Web site interspersed with history. Among the companies profiled are OHSO, maker of a travel toothbrush; Lock Your Leathers, maker of locks for the Harley-Davidson travel bag; and Dale & Thomas Popcorn.

"The main focus on the infomercial is to talk to our customers and show them how we've made our products and services easier to use," says Lisa Bobb-Semple, program manager at USPS. "It highlights customers from a variety of backgrounds who have used our products and services with success."



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