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Younger Set Likes Mags, Too

  • Ad Age, Friday, July 27, 2007 11:30 AM

While the younger set is often thought of as spurning traditional media, that isn't always the case. As new media consumption patterns change with the rise of Web surfing, downloading and time-shifted TV viewing, a new study from Deloitte finds some commonalities between the old and wise and young at heart.

The consulting firm's data shows that every generation -- from ages 13 to 24 to 25 to 41 to 42 to 60 -- and even 61 to 75 -- still like reading magazines. And almost three-quarters still pick them up even when they can get the same information online. Plus, the firm found that there is greater receptivity to print ads than those on the Web.

Just over half of U.S. consumers want to watch and read content created by others rather than from Hollywood studios and TV networks. But the fascination with user-generated content could have a "big impact for a media company and media clients," says Ed Moran, director-product innovation, for Deloitte Services' Technology, Media & Telecommunications group.



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