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Marketers Running Away From Vick

As Michael Vick's legal troubles mount, products he endorses and NFL trading card companies are putting some distance between themselves and the football star. Even though the Atlanta Falcons' former quarterback pled not guilty to charges related to a dog-fighting ring, his endorsement contracts are disappearing.

Reebok has stopped making and selling his jersey -- and he will not be produced on any more football cards. While Nike has left the door open to distribute Vick's shoe, it is contingent upon acquittal, and he still faces a possible entire-season suspension fro the NFL. The group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has been applying the pressure (he is charged in connection with a dog-fighting ring) with its members sending more than 165,000 emails to Reebok, Nike and other companies urging them to cut ties with Vick.

The question now is whether he will ever play pro ball again. The case is about more than a run in with the cops; his image and reputation have been challenged.

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