Reader Comment of the Week

I am a member of Generation Napster.

I have spent well over $1500 in CD collecting to date, a habit I stopped because I got tired of spending money on songs that I really didn’t want. iTunes came up with the next best solution - buy a song at a time. But you don’t really own it; you’re limited to how many computers you can have it on and the like.

Ultimately, I had hoped for a better solution because I rarely hear music that I HAVE to have in order for my life to be complete anyway.

Enter I can listen to whatever band I am in the mood for anytime I’m on the web, FOR FREE. It’s also legal which is an added bonus to the whole scenario since Napster, iMesh, Ares, and a mess of others who do the file sharing network thing allow you to get free stuff at the expense of your law abiding citizen.

It’s a pretty trick; I can build my own playlists, look up comedians, or check out the new stuff from Linkin Park. This is very similar to ‘Pandora’ but the main difference is that ‘SoundPedia’ can be used anywhere on the planet, not just the United States. I like the interface better as well.



OBTW, advertisers who want my attention: your paying for my audio services makes me want to see more advertising. Seems like an obvious solution too; they want me to look and I want ____.

So the quest is over. The struggle has ended. My laptop, and I’ll bet my phone very soon, are now the portal to all the audio content I could want.

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