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The Royal WE (tv)

  • TVWeek, Thursday, August 23, 2007 10:15 AM

Women's net WE tv is pulling out all the stops when it comes to royalty, with a raft of series and specials aimed at teaching women how to become princesses. Reality show "American Princess," which follows 20 women who try to make childhood dreams come true, has already returned.

Also on tap is "Australian Princess," where a group of Aussie lasses compete for the top prize of a real British royal title. In addition, the channel will run "How to Marry a Prince" starting in February, an original special, while "Royal Vacation Homes" will explore the castles and vacation spots of the British royal family.

One program about a real princess is focused on the late Diana, with a documentary about the events leading up to her death. That premieres Aug. 31, the 10th anniversary of that event. "The network is building on the success we saw with the first season of "American Princess," and continuing its momentum to provide royal-related content that entertains our viewers," says Kim Martin, executive vice president and general manager of the net.



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