The GPhone

  • by , October 22, 2007

Google is on the move. After recently acquiring one of the largest and fastest growing online video entertainment communities, YouTube, Google is living large as <a href="">stock prices reach a whopping $600 a share</a>. The internet giant is not stopping there.  Another recent acquisition, this time of Jaiku, an unfamiliar company having key SMS technology, once again has rumors of a possible GPhone release surfacing. Is Google really going mobile? Please?  

Many potential GPhone details are still unclear, but it is believed Google would lean towards inexpensive and low-tech.  Considering the popularity of Apple's iPhone, Google could potentially reach new market strength by providing a low-cost alternative to cell phone consumers.  There is also speculation of a "GButton" that would connect phone users to a Google texting screen and talk of a possible introduction of a new cellular operating system altogether.  By providing a low-cost alternative to the iPhone, Google could reach price-sensitive consumers who do not want to invest a great deal in the latest cellular technology but who still want more than a basic phone.  Consumers who desire mobile internet access but simply do not have the money to blow on pricey cellular equipment may take to the GPhone.

It is still uncertain what Google will do next.  However, having already distinguished itself as a key technological player by becoming the largest internet search engine, through key acquisitions, and by providing internet users with a reliable email service, Google could reach new heights by tapping into the mobile market.

I LOVE google, gmail, youtube, and text messaging.  I currently have an oudated LG picture phone that satisfies my needs.  However, the idea of a cheap way to access all the perks Google has to offer via my cell phone?  Count me in!



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