Protection against STDs on your phone

There are these new gadgets for you iPhone-lovers out there, called Phone Fingers. They are made from black latex and placed on your index finger and thumb, intended to eliminate pesky fingerprints and smudges.

And then there's the pitch - "Protection against STDs." Much like I did, you may wonder, "How can my phone transmit an STD?" Well, clearly it's not about your iPhone transmitting a Sexual Disease, but about protection against a Screen-Transmitted Disease. Are you serious?

Honestly, I think the tagline is probably the most clever aspect about the Phone Fingers - it gets your attention. And although I think that this invention is fun, it seems like a waste of creativity and they look plain ridiculous. They may reduce smudge, but isn't that what a phone case is for?

I suppose if you are trying to get attention, then this product is for you. You can read more about the Phone Fingers here.

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