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Magazine Launches Slump In 2007

New magazine launches in 2007 fell to just 650 titles, the lowest such tally in 16 years. Samir Husni, a University of Mississippi professor who keeps tabs on the business, notes that the last time there were fewer was in 1991, with a total of 553. And while some observers hold the Web responsible, Husni does not agree.

"I don't blame the Internet," he says, insisting instead there are just too many titles already out there. "In 1980, we had 2,000 titles on newsstands," he says. "Now there are 7,200 titles on newsstands. I think the magazine industry is still alive and kicking."

The number of 2007 launches was trending even lower until the final months of the year, he adds: "The big publishers hit the brakes in the first half, but we saw a lot of small specialized publications appearing in the second half."



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