Nothing to Blog Home About

  • by , March 31, 2008

You know what I love?  Having absolutely nothing to say about technology for the past three weeks.  I tried.  I started to post an entry here multiple times during that fortnight plus seven days.  But, alas (or hallelujah), I had nothing worthwhile to say about technology.

Sure, I used the slow-as-molasses Internet (thank you, Grandma) at an Internet cafe in Mexico during Spring Break.  And, yeah, I read the news about the 700MHz auction.  I even saw that is now, apparently, the number two online music seller after iTunes (  I checked out Hulu, I looked for cologne on eBay, and still use Facebook more than I check email, but none of that actually touched or transformed my life.  I'm beginning to think that Technology rarely does.  Even my iPhone lust is useless.

As much as my generation gets drilled as an oilfield of information bursting with clues about upcoming trends, I'm pretty sure we're still human.  (I hope.)  Which explains why I like just sitting on a beach and staring at the waves. Why I enjoy trying to speak Spanish, sometimes to miserable effect.  Why I get a rush standing on a surfboard.  Why I like hearing advice from a pearl-toothed, silver-haired, smiling, Mexican grandmother cooking seafood for me.  We, my generation, are alive.

I hope we don't forget it.



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