I dig it

I'm now a proud user of Digsby, an all-in-one instant messenger client with one major twist: It does social networking, too.

Now when I login with my one Digsby account I see a panel of all the following services I subscribe to:

  • Yahoo!

  • Google Talk (GChat)

  • AIM

  • Facebook Chat & Updates/Notifications

  • MySpace Updates

  • Twitter Updates

  • AOL Mail (I'm a product of the '90s Web revolution and can't let go... Hush.)

  • GMail

Digsby lets me stay up-to-date with all of these sites without ever having to visit them. I can even Twitter from the client. The interface is extremely customizable and, best of all, is ad-less.

This is my "social networking portal" - my bird's eye view on my interpersonal landscape.

Now if only I could get it on my phone ...

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  1. Jeremy Williams from Indiana Office of Tourism Development, May 19, 2008 at 10 a.m.


    You should look into the Flock browser. I believe it uses a Firefox platform and allows you to create logins for all of your social media sites as well as email and messaging. Flock includes several sidebars that help you keep tabs on what's going on in your social networks. I started using it a couple months ago and it's great to have everything right there and logged in when I open up the browser.

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