Judging People by their Programs (and their social networking site)

While living in New York this summer, I do not have a television. This has been an interesting life style change, I still manage to watch my television shows. This past week of television had three season finales that I simply had to watch: Bones, House, Grey’s Anatomy. The residence hall that I live in only has one community television. I went to the room where the television was half an hour early in order to reserve the television for Bones. When my show started, two people came in and asked if they could watch television. I clearly told them the bad news that I was watching my show. Apparently, Gossip Girl was showing their season finale as well and Gossip Girl outranked Bones (to them).

I did win the fight for a number of reasons: I was there first; the main character just got shot. However, it got me thinking. Do we judge people based on the television show they watch? If Bones were a person at a party, what kind of person would they be? Would they be the loser that only a few people gather around? What about Gossip Girl?



So, I was thinking about judgment surrounding television. I do watch some television on my laptop. When I was watching a show, a pop-up come up. It was for a website called Think Facebook, only not as cool. I was interested in seeing how it works, so I signed-up. I believe I was on the website a total of forty-four seconds before I de-activated my name. To me, it wasn’t as interesting as Facebook and I couldn’t navigate it well. I know that I only gave forty-four second chance, but in today’s face-paced world sometimes that’s all you have. That said, I don’t think I gave it an honest chance because I already had Facebook. It would be me watching Gossip Girl over Bones. I won’t do that, so therefore Gossip Girl will never have an honest chance with me.

I know that everyone judges. It’s fun, easy and good for a laugh at times. Do you judge so much, that because I watch Grey’s Anatomy and you watch The Office, you believe you are a better person? It is the age-old MySpace versus Facebook question. And it brings us back to wondering: would others be friends with your television show or website if they were at a party? Will you be my friend if I think that McDreamy and Meredith are better than Jim and Pam? Who and how decides which shows or websites are the better ones?

P.S. I realize that I have only written two blogs, and both talk about the show Gossip Girl. I do not hate Gossip Girl. In fact, I have never seen an episode. I just don’t like it for some strange reason. I know that you should never make assumptions if you haven’t tried it. However, this week I also told my co-workers that I did not like sushi even though I had never tried it. I was forced to try it and proceeded to throw up the sushi and other stuff… on the table. Clearly I have great instincts, so I’m going to trust them on Gossip Girl.

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