You may know me!

My first item in my Facebook News Feed today:

[Name Removed] just joined Facebook.

You both lived in Muncie. If you know [first name removed], perhaps you should add [first name removed] as a friend. See more people you may know.

I was amused with the "People you may know" feature as a small function in the right rail of the site. Throwing information and actions of people I do not know into my news feed is awkward for everyone involved, though.

Soon I'll expect to see other potential connections:

  • You flirted with [name] while drinking at [bar]. See other people you may have hit on while intoxicated.

  • Your friend [name] likes your [sibling]. See other people who may like your sibling.

  • You took the [train letter/number] train this morning. See other people who took the [train letter/number] today.

  • Your ex, [name], has contracted [sexually transmitted infection]. See other people you've dated who may have [sexually transmitted infection].

  • [Name] just had a baby! [Name] thinks it might be yours! See other people who are accusing you of fathering their [born/unborn] [illegitimate child number] child.

Yeah, there's a lot of potential here.

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