This Just In

Everyone once in a while, I like to go to Perez Hilton’s website. By every once in a while, I mean after I check my e-mail. I know these celebrity gossip sites are bad. However, I’m always in a mood for a good laugh.

Perez introduced a new feature, “Gossip on the Go”. This service costs $4.99 a month. Anytime major celebrity gossip happens, Perez will call you and let you know even before it is on his site. Perez claims that people have wanted this for a while. Really? Now, I like my celebrity gossip as much as the next college-aged female. However, I don’t think this is truly needed. I think the line does need to be drawn about when to stop with the celebrity gossip. Perez currently has his own television show on VH1, PerezCast, and Perez TV, and of course his website. People may be buying this service instead of learning about what is going on in the world. If a major crisis happens, people won’t know. But they will know that Martha Steward is banned from England (I’m not making this up; I don’t know if Perez is making this up though).

I did give Gossip Girl a chance. Maybe I should give this a chance and see if I like it. I just have my doubts because I actually have my own life to live, and not one through celebrities.*

*Unless when talking about John Mayer. I love him!!



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