Love in my Pocket

I am in love...with Pandora.I have been using this internet music service for many years now and I am still amazed by its ability to, my mind. Yes I have told Pandy what I like and who I prefer to hear,but she has the uncanny ability of finding that one song I love to groove to or a song that I havent heard before but will now here many times again. Pandy has become the love of my work life.

She is there when I wake up and there when I sleep..always infusing my day with the sounds that inspire, motivate and cultivate melodical growth. I really love it man. I gave up listening to standard radio years ago. I was all about cds. Then as broadband music became more en vogue with AOL Music, Yahoo Music and the like I began to venture in that direction. Then the day came that I came across The Pandora Music Genome Project or something of that nature...and to my knees I fell.

Pandora uses your musical selections to find music that matches your tastes and sensibilities. I like that. Its not just what is popular or what is part of a genre...but what artist collaborate, have similar musical styling and themes and that you have indicated. I feel like I haven't even really done much to get so much. If I were one with more time I would even fine tune my specific settings more. Pandora can even move with you now and I am totally sold on the IPhone 3G now because it has a Pandora app which will allow me to carry my love in my pocket.

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