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  • Face-to-Face Selling Is Still Effective  in Marketing Daily on 10/15/2015

    Why, in this age of content marketing, social media, and digital marketing, do people still need the personal touch?

  • Engaging Consumers To Buy  in MarketingTools: CRM on 10/26/2010

    Marketers need to create engaging and rewarding experiences, paying close attention to ensuring that sales associates are better prepared to sell to customer needs and wants, delivering self-guided technology-based demonstrations, and including customers' interactions and feedback at every possible step of the process. By placing a significant emphasis on customer engagement and interaction, marketers can keep customers coming back for more.

  • Achieving The Best Customer 'Perception Of Value'  in MarketingTools: CRM on 09/28/2010

    By emphasizing what helps people solve their problems, marketers not only capture their attention, they're in a better position to change their behavior -- which people and companies don't do easily or often. Further, by highlighting a product's unique advantages and features, differentiating how and why the product is superior to competitors', marketers build a case for making a decision using parameters other than price.

  • Deliver Compelling, Consistent Experiences  in MarketingTools: CRM on 08/24/2010

    The buying process is an emotional process for every individual, so knowing what matters to your audiences and how to best engage them in an interactive experience is the key to winning the business.

  • Why 'Conversion' Is Not The Most Important Metric  in MarketingTools: CRM on 07/27/2010

    Find ways to accurately measure pre-purchase customer behavior in a multi-channel environment, and then apply a process to transform the data into actions that enhance the customer experience and improve your bottom line.

  • Remind, Renew, Retain in MarketingTools: CRM on 06/22/2010

    A common misperception is that customer retention is the domain of sales, account management or the services department. Yet, marketing departments are key to nurturing and building a continuing relationship with existing customers in many ways, including the development and enhancement of the brand perception, expansion of customer share, and product marketing.

  • Does Your Website Keep 'Em Coming Back For More? in MarketingTools: CRM on 05/25/2010

    A website that is integrated into the overall marketing program in a seamless and cohesive fashion can be the most powerful lever in a marketer's toolbox. This result does not happen randomly, however, and requires a thoughtful and structured approach. The benefits of thinking about your website as an extension and broadening of your marketing program transcends the online venue -- it can transform your entire marketing experience.

  • Marketing Positioning -- It's The Customer's View That Counts in MarketingTools: CRM on 04/27/2010

    For marketers, positioning is not about a feature-function battle against competitors; it's about building a common understanding between the market and the company, relative to the share of the market that it serves best.

  • Differentiate Or Die!  in MarketingTools: CRM on 03/23/2010

    Winning does not depend only on being better; it also depends on ensuring that your customers understand why your solutions are better for them!

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