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  • Get Inspired By These Cultures That Minimize Waste in Marketing: Green on 05/01/2014

    Cultures around the world possess their own unique, deeply-ingrained beliefs and traditions for minimizing waste. For instance, the Yankee ingenuity helped America put down its early roots, and the Dutch custom of sharing unlocked community bikes at train stations inspired bike-sharing programs in New York, Paris and other world capitals. Many such notions are the inspiration for entrepreneurs who are fast at work introducing new products that can help all consumers prevent water, energy, food and various materials from going to waste.

  • USDA Certification Raises Bar For Biobased in Marketing: Green on 03/07/2012

    With carbon footprint and energy independence on everyone's minds, many marketers are looking to capitalize upon their product's biobased content. But not all biobased claims are alike. The scientific rigor of an ASTM standard combined with the credibility of the USDA raises the bar for the industry and makes the USDA Certified Biobased label a new source of competitive advantage within the consumer and government procurement markets for brand owners who make the effort to get their biobased products certified.

  • The Rise Of The Biobased Economy  in Marketing Daily on 01/16/2012

    Brand owners need to develop a strategy in 2012.

  • Education Is Key To Success in Marketing: Green on 01/06/2012

    Given the complexities of greening, properly educating consumers can make the difference in the success of a campaign.

  • Earth To Eco-Labels: Be Consumer Useful Or Wither From Lack Of Relevance  in Marketing: Green on 08/17/2011

    Everyone lauds eco-labels being put forth by such sustainability leaders as Timberland, HP and Levi's for transparency and commitment, but are they really all that useful to consumers? Likely not. These labels may be informative and project credibility, but their usefulness can -- and must -- be taken up a notch.

  • Help Consumers Share Responsibility  in Marketing: Green on 07/20/2011

    Tom's of Maine can make the toothpaste more natural, but it can't force consumers to turn the water off when they brush. Coke can make the bottles recyclable, but only consumers can drop them in the blue bin. Sun Chips can make the bags compostable, but only consumers can see that they get to a composting pile instead of a trash can

  • The Term Is Relative; Let The Buyer Decide  in Marketing: Green on 07/13/2011

    You hear a lot of talk about the "sin of the hidden trade-offs." I've got news for you, folks. Greening -- like life itself -- is all about the trade-offs! No product is 100% "green." So, considering that all products use energy and create waste, green is a relative term. One product is green-er for someone at some time in some place.

  • New Nissan Ads Shift The Way Car Buyers Evaluate Options  in Marketing: Green on 06/29/2011

    Its new campaign suggests that Nissan's marketing team is on a vertical learning curve, and in my estimation, represents some of the sharpest green marketing smarts around today.

  • Frito-Lay Seems To Have Learned A Lesson  in Marketing: Green on 05/25/2011

    This more subdued communication correctly takes away any hint of potential greenwash from the widely publicized video that the bags might degrade in open air. The shift in emphasis from "compostable" to "natural" represents good green marketing at its best: start with a legitimately greener product and package, and lead with the primary benefits (in this case, great taste and high quality ingredients) -- not with promises of "saving the planet."

  • The Next Frontier: 'Responsible Consumption'  in Marketing: Green on 04/27/2011

    Is Tom's of Maine toothpaste really green if consumers leave the water running while they brush their teeth? Is an Energy Star-rated light bulb really green if it remains on after everyone leaves the room?

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