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Todd O'donald

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  • managing director
  • 448 west 16th street
  • 5th Floor, Studio #4
  • New York New York
  • 10011 USA

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  • Redefining Value  in Marketing: Green on 07/29/2009

    The opportunity for CPG brands is to connect with the evolved definition of American values. With the "American Dream" farther off than ever, consumers find themselves taking stock of their predicament and making changes toward a sustainable future.

  • Earth Day In A New Era  in Marketing: Green on 04/23/2009

    For marketers addressing emerging mainstream trends, it is somewhat challenging to define as consumers exhibit paradoxical behavior. However, as consumers continue to come to grips with their own choices, they tend to be accepting of honest brokers who attempt to help them in their quest.

  • Is This Greenwashing Or A New Trend?  in Marketing Daily on 01/23/2009

    Coca-Cola recently announced that its landmark Times Square billboard is going green along with 29 neighboring billboards. The 30 billboards will be drawing on wind power, which would be the equivalent of powering 38 households for a year. On face value, it is difficult to think of the bright Times Square lights and multi-national Coca-Cola coming together for a meaningful green conservation initiative.

  • It Is Not Easy Being Green  in Marketing Daily on 01/16/2009

    Many brands have made great progress in their social responsibility but are hesitant about promoting their green claims, primarily out of fear of antagonizing the base of eco-enthusiasts. Although these brands have made great progress, they are far from being carbon-neutral. For brand managers in this quandary, it is important to be aware of the different shades of green.

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