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Joseph Laszlo

Member since October 2007

  • Director of Research Interactive Advertising Bureau
  • 116 E. 27th St., 7th Floor
  • New York New York
  • 10016 USA

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  • Media Measurement For The NEXT New Media in Metrics Insider on 04/15/2015

    Every new media age waxes nostalgic for the simpler media that came before, when it was (or seemed) so much easier to do business. TV felt that way about radio, the pioneers of the PC-based Internet felt that about TV (and maybe they still do), and I'd venture everyone confronting the "mobile-now" world longs for the simple days of measuring the PC-based Web. The question is, what's the media revolution that's going to make us pine for the simpler days of mobile?

  • An MRAID For Measurement in Metrics Insider on 11/25/2014

    At an IAB Mobile Center board meeting last year, a very smart senior marketer at a major financial institution said that the industry needed an "MRAID for Measurement." I was thoroughly gratified by that statement -- MRAID (it stands for mobile rich-media ad interface definitions) has been one of my proudest IAB accomplishments -- but a little surprised, too: as an under-the-hood creative API, MRAID is not necessarily something I'd expect a senior brand marketer to have on his radar. My interpretation of that statement was that the chaos of mobile metrics created a need for a common framework for defining, tracking, and reporting ad measurement data.

  • The Future of Mobile Ad Sales: Change, As Usual in Metrics Insider on 05/14/2014

    What's next with mobile? It's a question that all of us are regularly asking ourselves, our colleagues, pundits and maybe even a stray Ouija board or Magic 8-Ball. But in an industry as quick to shift as mobile advertising, it seems wisest to turn to those on the front lines: the IAB's own member companies. To take the pulse of mobile ad selling, we surveyed our members that sell mobile display and video inventory. The questionnaire garnered responses from nearly 50 companies. While the sample was not large enough to be definitive, we definitely see indications of looming challenges for mobile sellers not prepared for the changing needs of their client brands and agencies.

  • Next-Generation Metrics: Assessing Brand Impact In A Cross-Screen World in Metrics Insider on 04/18/2014

    Even by the constantly innovating standards of digital media, these are fast-paced times for metrics and measurement. As IAB and the industry reinvent the metrics by which PC-based digital is bought and sold, and standardize metrics for mobile, we also realize that we no longer live in a world where things can be parceled out and measured tidily, medium by medium.

  • A Mobile Adolescence in Mobile Marketing Daily on 12/17/2012

    As mobile media evolves from being an "apple-cheeked darling" to a "difficult" teen, 2013 promises to be a year when marketers focus on metrics standards, an explosion of mobile video use and cross-screen strategies.

  • Making Sense Of Mobile Measurement in Metrics Insider on 10/27/2011

    Much has been written about the challenges facing mobile measurement. For example, the IAB's Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence (MMCoE) released an overview in early October. Somewhat less has been written about industry efforts to address those challenges, and so I would like to review briefly the IAB's game plan for improving one aspect of the nascent mobile measurement universe.

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