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Amanda P

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  • Project Coordinator Ball State University
  • BC 214: Ball State University
  • Muncie Indiana
  • 47306 USA

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  • You stay classy, MediaPost. in Notes from the Digital Frontier on 08/01/2008

    Over the last year and a half, I have been fortunate enough to contribute to "Notes from the Digital Frontier" and reap all of the joy, criticism, conferences and knowledge which this blog offers in spades. As my time writing for this blog comes to a close I suppose it's only appropriate to end with [...]

  • Tech Procrastination in Notes from the Digital Frontier on 07/03/2008

    I have heard of early adopters to technology and late adopters to technology. I propose another class of people like me: tech procrastinators. We buy the gadgets, read the instructions, but then can't be bothered to actually figure out and use these gadgets properly. I would argue that generally, it takes someone else to push [...]

  • Top of my wish list: Usable mobile banking in Notes from the Digital Frontier on 06/20/2008

    It's no big secret that college students are typically short on money. Even the most responsible among us forget to note daily trips to coffee shops, or fail to write in exact amounts of our bi-monthly checks. One of the things we generally do spend money on: tech gadgets. It has become glaringly apparent in [...]

  • What women want in Notes from the Digital Frontier on 06/13/2008

    In a recent article, a media research director lamented the fact that "when she used to attend mobile trade shows with a male colleague, she said, 'they showed him the cool phone and showed me the phone with a mirror.'" This issue hits on much bigger problems I have seen with marketing to and perceptions [...]

  • Voter marketing: What will the candidates do now? in Notes from the Digital Frontier on 06/06/2008

    An interesting article came out of this week weighing the respective campaigns and marketing strategies from Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama over the past year plus. The author concluded that Obama won in every media from television to social networks to media innovations. For the record, I agree. Outside of being the only candidates in [...]

  • They CAN coexist - independently in Notes from the Digital Frontier on 05/30/2008

    Last week at the Email Insider Summit, I have a feeling that our panel's constant yammering about social networks made more than a few people nervous (except for the Facebook representative). For the time being though, email marketers and developers can rest easy. The fact is that that email and social networks are neck-and-neck vying [...]

  • Notes from the Email Insider Summit in Notes from the Digital Frontier on 05/23/2008

    As any panelist will tell you, you just never get to talk about everything you want to while you're up on stage. After our "Notes from the Digital Frontier" panel at the Email Insider Summit, I realized there were several points I wanted to reiterate and highlight with regard to email as a marketing outlet. [...]

  • Ah, the paradox of the information superhighway in Notes from the Digital Frontier on 05/15/2008

    I am moving in a few months to a new school in a new state. Moving is always a stressful experience, but moving to a place you've visited once, and to a larger city makes the process that much more nerve-racking. Luckily I've started early enough to leave several months for apartment and furniture shopping, [...]

  • Online Video: It's Just Not for Me in Notes from the Digital Frontier on 05/02/2008

    Maybe I am behind the times (I usually am, so this isn't surprising), but I just cannot get into online video. I have tried and tried, but for some reason it's just not for me. I don't get into YouTube, I have never used HuLu and despite my best efforts I don't care enough to [...]

  • Politics as Usual - Pretty Unappealing in Notes from the Digital Frontier on 04/18/2008

    As many of my fellow college students have expressed to me in the recent weeks, the once-exciting presidential election has disenchanted many of us with the constant mudslinging between candidates and spin from news networks. Does anyone really care about reverends, aside comments (re-publicized and analyzed out of context) or bowling scores? I would hasten [...]

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  • Boys and Their Toys: Why I (Still) Hate Video Games, Part II by Amanda (Notes from the Digital Frontier on 06/07/2007)

    Thank you for all of your comments—believe it or not, it’s actually very interesting to hear everyone’s responses to my blogs. The only point I need to make is that I am not a media professional, as was stated in a comment earlier. I’m not even in a media field. I’m an English major going into her senior year. I feel the purpose of this blog as a whole is to show college students’ honest reactions to media, whether they are positive or negative. These can be in-depth analyses of media issues or heated opinions/reactions to what is going on around us. From everything I read in media magazines, my demographic is the lost demographic. Supposedly, you don’t know how to market to us, what intrigues us… this blog offers you the opportunity to get into our heads and see what we’re thinking about. In my case, I see my roll in this forum as the tech-novice, the one who doesn’t usually get excited about technology in general (not that there is anything wrong with that!!!). Before I started writing this blog I never considered my media usage, or new tech innovations, or target demographics… but because I am writing this blog I do now. I don’t have focus groups or panel discussions to form my opinions; I have my own experiences, and because I’m a consumer (and a pretty hefty one at that) my opinions count too. Believe it or not, there are a lot of people like me out there who aren’t going to get excited about the iPhone, or the xbox, or get into an intense debate about whether PCs or Mac are better. But we still buy things and have opinions about how we would like to spend our time. It should be stated as well that it wasn’t my intention to offend anyone, though it seems like I did. Most of what I wrote was in direct response to what my boyfriend has said in the past. It seems like I didn’t make that clear enough. I do apologize. Please continue commenting. This is an open forum and I know my fellow bloggers and myself appreciate hearing what people in the media world think about what we write. -Amanda

  • Our View on SuperBowl Ads by Amanda (Notes from the Digital Frontier on 02/05/2007)

    It is really interesting that you would mention a study on female football fans... I have a friend in sociology who made that exact comment while we were watching the game. She started taking notes on the varying reactions between my girl-friends and guy-friends and they really were quite different. If you can find the funding, I could supply eager participants!

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