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Gayle Fuguitt

Member since May 2015Contact Gayle

  • CEO & President The Advertising Research Foundation
  • New York New York
  • 10016 USA

Gayle Fuguitt became the first woman to lead The ARF when she became CEO and president in April 2013. She spent 32 years at General Mills, where she was lauded for bringing the voice of the consumer to the decision table. She has served on the board and executive committee of The ARF from 2005 to 2012. She earned her B.A. in economics and a B.S. in industrial relations from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and an M.B.A. with a concentration in marketing research from the University of Wisconsin in Madison. A passionate supporter of non-profits, she remains a trustee at the Minneapolis Institute of Art. Gayle was inducted into the Market Research Council, Inc. (MRC)’s Hall of Fame in 2014.

Articles by Gayle All articles by Gayle

  • Don't Let Marketers 'Run With Scissors' in Marketing Daily on 06/19/2015

    When push comes to shove, my experience is that when any one company has a great solution, it also has no interest in sharing it. That's why strategic partnerships and mergers are so important, yet difficult.

  • Don't Let Marketers 'Run With Scissors' in MediaDailyNews on 06/15/2015

    I recently received an invitation to participate in a discussion with more than 25 global research leaders. The title of the discussion was, "Why is it taking us so long to crack the cross-platform measurement code?" Why? Perhaps it's because we keep holding meetings to discuss why it's taking so long instead of sharing actual solutions. Without translating talk to action, we risk losing our way. New companies are entering the market making competition fiercer than ever, and most presentations have "plans" and "dates" with boxes for marketers to tick off. Instead, they should be considering presentations that contain concrete solutions for driving sales growth.

  • Research Redux: Helping Marketers Drive Growth in MediaDailyNews on 05/28/2015

    CEOs are desperate for actionable research that will help them reinvent their business, to make them relevant and to build market share in today's consumer led world. Researchers need to be not only the smartest people in the room, but the most influential, helping marketers lead change.

  • A New Era at the Advertising Research Foundation in MediaDailyNews on 09/25/2013

    The consumer is in charge - we know that. What's news today is how quickly marketers are adapting. We're unshackling our thinking, and re-focusing our modeling, building on decades of industry learning.

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