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Peter Pasi

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Peter Pasi is Vice President of Political Sales at Zeta Global. He is a recognized authority on the use of digital advertising in political campaigns, having led dozens of successful digital campaigns for statewide candidates including Governors and Senators, as well as advising PACs, SuperPACs, and a Presidential campaign. He can be reached at

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  • Take Your Medicine And Check Your Diet in Marketing: Politics on 07/22/2014

    We have science now that shows that the old marketing ways are maybe maladaptive to our current environment. Most media buyers are running their shops - with a few exceptions - like it was 2004.

  • You Don't Know Jack - Or Jane in Marketing: Politics on 03/25/2014

    Jack and Jane live seven miles from Washington, D.C., in suburban Northern Virginia. The neighborhood in which they live has been a source of "swing" votes for years and is highly prized by both major political parties. Latest forecasts have shown that in order for either party to win locally and statewide, voters like Jack and Jane need to turn out and vote for their candidates.

  • The Multiscreen Majority in Marketing: Politics on 02/25/2014

    How many devices do you own?

  • The Addressable Election in Marketing: Politics on 01/28/2014

    For decades, political campaigns have relied on data to help them achieve victories. Direct mail agencies have always reached out to lists of previous donors to help them fund their next win or to deliver a crucial turnout message. Telemarketing companies use autodialers to reach supporters to remind them how important their vote will be. And door-to-door canvassers consult walk lists to find those homes in a given neighborhood that could mean the difference between a narrow win and a heartbreaking loss.

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