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Steve Curran

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Steve Curran has been delivering award-winning entertainment and marketing since 1988. Before founding Pod, he was the co-founder and creative director of e-tractions, a Boston-based online promotions company, and vice president/creative director of Gametek where he oversaw the development of numerous best-selling titles for Nintendo, Sega, Sony and Playstation. He has directed website designs, game development, and viral marketing campaigns for clients such as Warner Brothers, History Channel, Atlantic Records, Red Bull Records, Yahoo!, Burger King and many others. He is the author of Motion Graphics: Design for Television and Film, and Convergence Design for Interactive Television, Broadband and Wireless. He is contributing author to the book Connected Marketing, writing about branded games and entertainment.

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  • The Game Player Is Not A Bonehead, She Is Your Boss in Marketing Daily on 12/03/2014

    When discussing the marketing potential of games, there is a tendency to assume that games are mainly the domain of young adult males, playing games in their parent's basement. That's wrong.

  • Learning Empathy in Mobile Marketing Daily on 03/28/2014

    When generations grow up socializing digitally, does their ability to learn empathy suffer? Trip Hawkins, the man who 30 years ago founded Electronic Arts, the company behind EA Sports and The Sims, is making a new bet in the world of games: he believes that well-designed games can teach kids empathy.

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