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Kirk Olson

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  • Vice President, Trendsights Horizon Media
  • Twitter: @MacroCulture
  • New York New York
  • 10013 USA

Kirk Olson is VP of TrendSights at Horizon Media. He translates emerging shifts in global culture into opportunities for media, marketing, and branding. Prior to Horizon, Kirk spent eleven years at Iconoculture transforming the boutique custom consultancy into a leader in trend research. Follow Kirk @MacroCulture.

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  • Epic Living: Why We All Want To Create The Ultimate Video Selfie by Kirk Olson (Marketing Daily on 06/18/2014)

    I agree, Paula. Dunn made it pretty clear in his media interviews that he mainly did it for his own fun. It's partly because Dunn wasn't seeking the attention of the world that he got it. And that makes it tricky. Dunn's video was also unexpected, gloriously DIY, well-made, and dealt with an ordinary situation many people can relate to while pushing it to a level of epic absurdity. I think that's the key takeaway for marketers. If we can replicate this recipe (without looking like we're trying too hard) while connecting the content to our brands in an authentic way, we may get closer to the virality we often seek. But as you said, it's not easy. We could all debate whether social media is fostering a population of narcissists, is simply a reflection of a more widespread focus on "self," or is something else entirely. I do think that for those growing up craving social media likes, shares, and retweets, it's just another form of self-expression. Does that mean they're self-centered? I don't know. There are studies that say Millennials are only concerned with money and fame and others that say the opposite. For the youngest, lifestage may be a factor as much as generational cohort. I remember when my generation was labeled "slackers" for our cynicism and ambivalence regarding authority and established institutions. But somehow, most of us still became productive members of society. ;-). As is always the case with generational friction, only time will tell. Thanks for your comment :-)

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