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Joseph Bona

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Veteran store designer Joseph Bona is president, Branded Environments at branding agency CBX. His extensive experience, more than 30 years and on six continents, has given him a unique perspective on global trends and provides him with the practical knowledge of how to adapt and respond to local markets. Over his long career, Bona has directed a wide range of initiatives for such companies as Stop & Shop Supermarkets, Wawa, Chevron Texaco, Petro-Canada, Statoil, Duane Reade– among many others. Prior to joining CBX, Bona was president of GroupRed Global, and president and COO at CDI Group, where he worked for more than 21 years. A frequent speaker on retail trends at industry forums across the globe, Bona was also a featured expert on a History Channel “Modern Marvels” episode on the convenience-store phenomenon that initially aired in December 2011.

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