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Christian Jacobsen

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Native New Yorker Christian Jacobsen is a creative strategist who spent his time before Mistress transforming niche energy drink Red Bull into a mainstream megabrand and creating the most successful new product launch in American Express history, Amex Blue. As head strategist, Christian touches all of Mistress’s clients on a daily basis. With an eye on the future, he also drives both brands and clients into lucrative white space opportunities by running workshops, new-product think-tanks and brand audits.

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  • Why Winning Awards Might Actually Be Good For Clients in MAD on 06/25/2015

    "Awards" has long been a dirty word amongst clients, and I used to believe far too much hoopla was applied to this season. Now that I have my own agency I have a different point of view. Today business is different; many awards submissions are case studies including results. Even Cannes, for example, has evolved from a flashy, back-slapping booze fest into a global crossroads and forum for sharing case studies. So perhaps those glittering objects aren't so shallow and tinged with narcissism after all.

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